Coaching & Personal Development Workshops

Coaching & Personal Development Workshops

Insight Recruitment Consultants combine their expertise in recruitment with over 20 years experience in Performance Coaching and Skills Development. Our workshops for businesses and individuals bring about organisational and individual performance improvements and behavioural change.

This is a journey which helps people and businesses build their capability, develop positively and create a winning environment to achieve greater success.

Whether you are an individual looking for help with personal development or a business who understands that investing in their employees is the the best route to a productive and happy workforce - get in touch to find out how we can help.

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People who are developed and nurtured become strong & mighty!

Great things can be achieved from a modest beginning.

The investment of coaching develops talent and career potential.

Thriving and successful people encourage others and influence positive outcomes.

The GROW Coaching Model

Learn how you can unlock potential either as an individual or for your management and teams within the workplace by having an understanding of the GROW model of coaching. This is a powerful tool that highlights, elicits and maximises the inner potential through one to one and group coaching sessions.

The GROW model of coaching designed by John Whitmore is globally renowned for its success both in problem solving and goal setting that successfully promotes confidence and self motivation, leading to increased productivity and personal satisfaction.


How do we deliver the workshops?

We can tailor the delivery of workshops to suit your exact requirements.
Either as group bookings at your premises or one-to-one sessions, full day events or bite size chunks.
We will regularly update and add workshops to the list below, so please do get in touch for more information.

Performance Coaching

How to use the GROW model of coaching to help people to maximise their potential, professionally and personally.

Leadership Engagement

An insight into the different styles and areas of Leadership.

Supporting & Leading Change

How to lead and support people through change both personally and within the workplace.

Personal Goal Development through the use of 'Timelines'

How to be effective and achieve your personal goals and ambitions through the use of your conscious and unconscious mind.

Building Rapport with Sensory Acuity

Gives you an in-depth understanding into the world of body language, thinking and observation.

Creating High Performance Teams

What makes a high performing team, the main areas of team dysfunctions and how to get the best out of your team.

Smarter Working, Thinking Toolbox

Techniques that will help you with becoming a more effective, assertive individual that you can use within work and personal life.

“Building awareness and responsibility is the goal of a coach.

Sir John Whitmore - Author of 'Coaching for Performance' and Developer of Grow Coaching Model